2020 was a year which brought about change for both people and businesses across the world, as our day-to-day lives changed and adapted to a new normal.

In a time where the term ‘Lockdown’ was named ‘the Collins Dictionary Word of Year’, people took to their kitchens for home-schooling, baking and exercising. 

The pandemic not only changed the way we utilise our homes, but it also had a huge impact on the way we were able to shop, with online sales soaring to compensate for the closure of non-essential retail stores. 

With the public confined to their homes, and unable to visit their favourite retailers, they’ve relied heavily on receiving their goods via delivery services.

As consumers have had time on their hands, and a limitation on where they can spend their money, we’ve seen a huge rise in demand for online retailers.

In November 2020, online sales made up 36% of total retail sales, up 15% on November in the previous year, and online stores benefitting from a 14% increase in sales over the Black Friday weekend. 

Increase in demand for good customer service

Whilst the pandemic has provided some businesses with a great opportunity to grow, it has also placed an increased demand on the operations and logistics functions of companies, with consumers still expecting that first class customer service they’re used to.

As home deliveries have become a more regular occurrence, consumers have started to understand more about what makes for a good customer experience, and what doesn’t.

This has made businesses come to expect that same level of service from their suppliers and they are now demanding the ability to receive real-time information on deliveries. 

From supply, though to order, right up to the delivery on the customer’s doorstep. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an all-in-one system that could allow you to streamline the logistics operations of your company and run a more efficient business as a result?

Person delivering parcels

An all-in-one platform for logistics and fleet management

Stream Go is cloud-based logistics and fleet management software that has been developed to help you manage your entire logistics operation. 

Our software not only boasts the power to provide real-time delivery data, improving your customer service and reducing the number of missed deliveries, but it also provides you with:

  • Automatic planning and optimisation of delivery routes
  • Electronic proof of delivery, fleet maintenance and compliance
  • KPI reporting to help you understand your business better so you can make the improvements you need to. 

It’s easy for us to shout about what a difference that Stream Go can make for you, but don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our existing clients are saying about the difference it’s making to their businesses. 

You can find out more about the Stream Go platform, or request a demo if you’d like to see how it can benefit your business today.