Stream’s Simple User Interface Makes it Nice to Use and Easy to Learn, Both for Back Office Staff and for Operators

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Make it easy for users to get started with Stream’s simple user interface

The user experience in Stream is designed for ease-of-use.

Make managing transport and logistics an enjoyable experience with Stream

There’s always a nagging worry that implementing new systems in your business can be time consuming and stressful.

Installing software, training users on a new system, working out how to find the information you need, and figuring out where the new solution fits into your existing processes are some of the tasks that we associate with new software.

But Stream is different.

Stream was designed with users in mind:

  • It is browser-based (so no software to install except the driver app – which is available in the app store for iOS and the Play Store for Android users)
  • It has a user-friendly & intuitive interface (it looks and feels like any app or tool you’re used to – so there’s no need for extensive training)
  • You can get the information you need (in a single-screen overview, then drilling down to the details or intelligently searching on any criteria)
  • Easy integrations (avoid data re-entry by integrating Stream with your existing back-office systems).

What specifically makes Stream so user-friendly?


Stream was built and designed for the web and for mobile. Both the back-office system and the mobile app look and feel like the apps and tools you’re probably already used to, so anyone who can use a smartphone or a PC for basic tasks is able to back it up for the get-go, with minimal training required.


Both the Stream Go and the Stream Check back-office systems are accessed via the browser and have been developed responsively, so they can be used from any device with an internet connection – whether that’s a desktop or laptop PC, a tablet or even on a phone. The driver app is available in the app store for iOS and the Play Store for Android users, and its set-up and used just like any other app on their smartphone.


As it is modelled on consumer applications, Stream is intuitive to use – menus and functionality are laid out in the way you’d expect, labels are customisable to your business, and features like maps are familiar, thanks to the Google Maps integration.


You can ‘zoom out’ to an overview of all data in a single screen or drill-down into the data you need, like:

  • Orders lists, maps and Street View
  • ePOD information like timestamps, signatures and notes, photos and GPS location stamps
  • Record defects with notes, photos, and resolution dates
  • Lists of drivers & vehicles with all their licence and availability information available

This means that there is no need to have multiple tabs or windows open.


Stream was build from the ground up as a cloud-based system. That means that there’s nothing to install or maintain on servers or PCs, and all data is securely backed up.

Easy integrations

As stream easily integrates with existing back-office systems (like Brightpearl, Veeqo, Sage, Infor and even with Excel imports), there is no messy mash-up of systems, and no data re-entry required.

Intelligent search

With the ability for intelligent search on any criteria, you are able to take control of your information and quickly and confidently respond to queries from customers, partners, suppliers and auditors while you’re on the phone or with a single email.


Data is available in real-time, as soon as drivers add information in the app (whether that’s ePOD, defect checks, inspections or location data). Stream sends proactive notifications to the people who need the information, with clear links to view results, so you can immediately take action as required.

What does a simple interface actually mean for users?

Designed with users and customers in mind, Stream has a user-friendly look and feel, which:

  • Speeds up onboarding (as minimal training is required)
  • Means you can confidently answer questions (as information is easy to find)
  • Gives you more flexibility to access the system any where on any device with a browser

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