As businesses grow, investment in technology becomes essential. Omnichannel retailers typically need software to help manage inventory, orders, and deliveries. For businesses delivering bulky or awkward items, the use of couriers is impractical, and the need for investment becomes far more complex, in order to improve order & delivery management.

What systems should omnichannel retailers making deliveries in their own vehicles put in place? They need a system that will manage deliveries and orders, as well as keeping track of inventory and order management when orders are coming in from multiple channels. But a system that covers everything they need can be hard to find.

The pricey, all-in-one systems, tend to over-complicate the needs of omnichannel retailers. Growing retailers want to keep costs down while they grow their business. They likely already have some systems in place too – systems which already work for their business and which they don’t want to completely replace.

That’s why STREAM’s integration with Veeqo was such a good fit for VanPimps.

Veeqo is an omnichannel inventory and order management system. Orders come in through various channels: bricks-and-mortar stores, online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, eCommerce retailing via a dedicated website, or manual entry of orders taken by customer service staff over the phone. Veeqo allows retailers to keep track of their inventory in real-time.

VanPimps manufacture and supply van styling, conversion windows and accessories. Their goods are often large and awkward, bespoke, or requiring specialist fitting. This means that it is practical for VanPimps to make deliveries in their own vehicles.

Like many growing companies, VanPimps’ investment in technology came in cycles. When they approached us, VanPimps were already up and running with a system to manage the financial side of omnichannel retailing. They used that existing system to process payments and invoices, keep tabs on costs, etc.

But their inventory, order and delivery management left a lot to be desired. With orders coming in from multiple channels and tracked via spreadsheets, deliveries planned manually, and PODs (proofs of delivery) collected on paper, the rest of their system was slowing productivity and growth, eating up resources, and leaving customers confused.

VanPimps started using STREAM with Veeqo in August 2016.They can now:

VanPimps’ director, Dillon Boivin, said:

“We have used Stream for 6 months now and their service and support has been second to none, their software has revolutionised the way we manage our delivery service and taken our logistics to a whole new level, we could not recommend them highly enough”

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