How many different systems are you using to manage the order-to-delivery process? The option to use multiple systems is great – no two businesses are the same, and by choosing to use multiple systems, you can tailor your process to suit the exact needs of your business, your staff and your customers. By taking the most useful parts of the best systems, you’ve created an entire process that works like clockwork. Or does it?

Do you have too many back office systems?

Cloud-based software to help manage your back-office systems is an important part of any multi-channel retail operation. Back-office software saves precious time and resources, to manage administrative tasks like accounting and inventory management quickly and accurately. But you’re not careful, multiple systems can seem like more trouble than they’re worth. Are the systems you use competing for attention? Do they communicate properly, even across departments and external channels? And how many times is data entered into your back office systems? If the answer is more than once, then your systems aren’t working to streamline your business.

How can you manage all your back office systems?

Your back-office systems are all there for a reason: to save time and money, allowing those resources to be ploughed into growing your business. With proper integration, all those systems will work seamlessly together, to save resources, whilst maintaining accuracy.

The benefits of integrating your back office systems

Time saving automation

With completely integrated systems, that communicate with each other in real-time, you eliminate double-entry of data across departments. As the process between order management, stock control, accounting and delivery management becomes automated, you can be sure that information is always accurate and up-to-date, and you remove the need for back-office staff to spend time entering information and double-checking separate databases.

Effective planning

By integrating your inventory, order and delivery management systems, everyone (from customer service and warehouse staff to partners in the supply chain, online sales channels like Amazon, and employees on the brick-and-mortar shopfloor) will always have up-to-the-moment information about stock levels, and customers won’t be disappointed by out-of-stock items or long, unexpected waits for order fulfilment – no matter which channel they choose to buy through.

Accurate prediction

With accurate inventory and real-time sales information, managers and staff are empowered to make informed decisions. By accurately predicting sales levels and matching that to inventory and pricing, you can optimise your promotions to take control of fluctuating supply and demand.

What back office systems does Stream integrate with?


Brightpearl provide reliable, cloud-based inventory management and ERP software for multi-channel retailers, distributors and wholesalers. The STREAM and Brightpearl integration combines orders, customer data, inventory, delivery management, reporting, and accounting to give you complete visibility of stock control, even with multiple partners and channels.


Veeqo is a software platform that helps retailers increase their sales and grow their business. Retailers can synchronise their stock between their website, retail stores and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, and ship up to 100 ecommerce orders in a single click.

Sage 50 and 200

Both Sage 50 and Sage 200 give businesses control over their finances, stock management and reporting, with powerful accounting software. For businesses already using Sage for their accounting integration with STREAM delivers an end-to-end accounting, transport, delivery, and order management software system.


Using your existing data and business logic in the Infor LX or BPCS ERP application, STREAM delivers more intuitive sales order management. With STREAM, your customers are able to enter, view and manage orders themselves, via the secure, web-based self-service customer gateway. This helps you to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and manage efficient customer interactions.

Your existing back office systems

STREAM may not yet have an integration with the back office systems you use, but we’re always looking out for ways we can make it easier for you to manage your deliveries. Speak to us about new integrations – we bet we can build an integration to help you.

For unique multi-channel retailers, finding the right mix of back-office systems is essential in supporting and streamlining your business to be scalable and profitable. To really get the best return on your investment in these systems, they need to integrate well. You can find more information about STREAM’s integrations here

Find out how easy it is to manage your deliveries, vehicles and orders with Stream.

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