Intelligent Routing and Planning Optimisation

Easily plan the most efficient routes for commercial drivers

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Plan the most efficient routes for your drivers with Map-Based Route Optimisation

Map-based route optimisation is the functionality in STREAM that helps transport managers to plan the most efficient routes for their vehicles, using a map screen integral to the planning process.

Optimising routes in a map-based planning screen keeps the process simple and visual, making route planning easy. Customers are also able to view the progress of their delivery in real-time on a map in the customer gateway.

Optimised routes mean that deliveries are faster and more efficient, ultimately resulting in less time on the road and a lower overall cost of delivery.

Why do you need to optmise routes?

Without optimised routes, drivers feel like they're going round in circles, delivering goods in the sequence that orders came in, not in the logical order that produces the quickest route.

Vehicles are worn down far quicker when they spend longer on the road, and drivers end up working overtime to make every stop. Customers may have no idea when to expect their deliveries: if a driver thinks of a better route, deliveries are often made much earlier or later than expected, so customers end up missing deliveries or calling your back-office staff to find out where their parcel is.

By optimising the most efficient route in the map-based planning screen, deliveries are made more quickly, efficiently and accurately, and customers always know exactly when to expect their order.

How does STREAM's Map-Based Route Optimisation work?

In the planning screen, transport managers can take collection and delivery locations, vehicle capacity and availability, and customers' preferred delivery times into account, to optimise routes.

Collections and deliveries can be individually amended, or the entire route can be reversed. Routes can be planned on a multi-drop, multi-depot and multi-vehicle basis too. Just click 'Optimise Route' at the bottom of the planning screen.

Once the route planner is confident that they have the most efficient route, they can close the map-based planning screen and confirm the run. Customers will be notified of their expected delivery time in the self-service customer gatewayand drivers will be able to access their runs via the Mobile Driver App.

Map-based route optimisation ensures that you get the most use out of every resource, resulting in faster and more efficient deliveries. This leads not only to cost and time savings but to satisfied customers, who always know when to expect their deliveries.

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