The Last Mile in e-Fulfilment

Furniture sales in the UK are looking healthy.

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How To Differentiate On Delivery With Logistics Management Software

As a business making your own deliveries with your own vehicles, how do you differentiate from the competition? Customer service is the key - and logistics management software like STREAM can support staff on the front line of customer service in the delivery chain, to provide better customer service, without stretching resources.

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How will the DVSA earned recognition scheme affect drivers and operators?

Back in mid-2016, the DVSA announced plans to launch their earned recognition scheme in early 2017. Now it is early 2017, and you need to make sure you’re on track to achieve earned recognition status.

What is the DVSA earned recognition scheme?

The earned recognition scheme, is an initiative from the DVSA, whereby drivers and operators can opt to achieve Earned Recognition status, by sharing tachograph and maintenance data with the agency.

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What's New in Delivery, Transport & Logistics Management for 2017

As we're coming up to the new year we thought we'd take a look ahead at what is coming up for STREAM, and for delivery, transport and logistics management more generally, in 2017.

What's New in eCommerce and Delivery Management in 2017?

First, some predictions about the state of ecommerce and delivery management in 2017. Will everything be delivered by drones or driverless cars this time next year? Probably not. But some big steps forward in the way goods are delivered, both B2B and B2C, are on the horizon.

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Bringing delivery and transport management to the Veeqo inventory management system

Proximity and Veeqo today announced a partnership to bring STREAM, a multi-award winning delivery and transport management application to the Veeqo inventory management and multi-channel retail platform.

STREAM, developed by Proximity, is a powerful cloud-based delivery and transport management solution designed for companies with complex and challenging delivery requirements including own vehicle-based deliveries, two-man home delivery, assembly, same day delivery services, emergency parts and repair services.

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