Do you have the right mobile device strategy in place?

STREAM has been partnered with Zebra to resell enterprise-level ruggedised touch mobile computer devices since September last year.

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How to Easily View the Location of All Your Vehicles

As the person responsible for route planning, it can be a challenge to keep tabs on the exact location of every vehicle, collection, and delivery.

You might know which collections and deliveries are assigned to each driver at any time, but actually locating an individual driver can involve a series of phone calls, delaying the delivery route.

Add to that the possibility of multiple drivers on a variety of routes at any time, and planning ad hoc collections and even deliveries can become even more complex.

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Zebra Devices for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

We supply rugged devices from Zebra Technologies to STREAM users (or even logistics companies currently without STREAM), who need a durable solution for their drivers.

For companies using either the STREAM Mobile Driver App or the Driver Daily Walkaround Checks App as part of their transport and logistics management system, we always recommend either the TC56 or the TC55 for operatives on the road.

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Video Resources for Omnichannel Retailers from Brightpearl

Our partners at Brightpearl have a huge library of video resources for online and omnichannel retailers, available on YouTube.

Brightpearl is an omnichannel retail management system. Integrated directly with STREAM, retailers have access to a powerful, scalable system that efficiently manages their entire order to delivery process.

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SMS Notifications: The Simple Way To Avoid Missed Deliveries?

Missed deliveries are one of the most frustrating issues for retailers making deliveries in their own vehicles. The cost of sending a driver back out on the road can really begin to eat into your profits.

Not to mention the time and resources spent arranging a re-delivery or worse, negotiating a refund.

Missed deliveries are annoying for customers too - even if you know it was their fault. Customers can become frustrated, and start to demand a discount or to broadcast their irritation on social media.

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