How to make sure drivers do their daily walkaround checks

Having a system in place for reporting and recording driver walkaround checks and vehicle maintenance is an essential part of ensuring the roadworthiness of your vehicles.

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10 Reasons why Android on Zebra is great for Commercial Drivers

Android is the operating system designed and maintained by Google and used primarily on a range of touchscreen devices. In May 2017, Google announced that they had reached 2 billion monthly active users on Android worldwide. In fact, as of the start of 2017, 81.7% of the 432 million smartphones sold in the last quarter ran on Android.

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It is Now Quick and Easy to Reverse Routes in STREAM

It is now quick and easy to reverse routes in STREAM. You can reverse an entire route, directly in the planning screen, in just one click.

After you have planned a route, and optimised it to ensure the driver makes the most efficient trip possible, it is really frustrating to have to manually reverse the direction of the route.

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10 Important Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your Driver's Phones

Upgrading your team's mobile devices can feel like a chore.

What kind of phone is best for delivery drivers?

Not all team members need a ruggedised device. For some, a regular commercial smartphone is perfect for the job.

But other members of your team, like your drivers, will likely need something more robust and more specialised.

Nowadays there are so many options too - different models, configurations, suppliers and operating systems can all lead to different outcomes for your team's efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, and ultimately your bottom line.

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How to Simplify Fleet Management with a Daily Walkaround Check App

For a successful business, with an ever-growing fleet, managing and keeping track of vehicles can quickly become a headache.

Especially if you're using some combination of paper recorded checks, multiple spreadsheets, and post-it notes to and from your vehicle maintenance team.

But you might not be ready yet to make the financial and time investment associated with a dedicated fleet management system.

Here, we will explain how to begin simply managing your fleet, with a system revolving around your driver daily walkaround checks.

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