How to Overcome the Challenges of the Car Transport Sector

Car transport is a sector notoriously riddled with logistical challenges, from short lead-times, to multi-drop routes, and disputes over the condition of delivered vehicles, route planning and logistics management for auto transport can be complex and time-consuming.

What are some of the key challenges of the auto transport and vehicle logistics sector?

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3 Ways Back Office Integrations can help your Businesses

How many different systems are you using to manage the order-to-delivery process? The option to use multiple systems is great - no two businesses are the same, and by choosing to use multiple systems, you can tailor your process to suit the exact needs of your business, your staff and your customers. By taking the most useful parts of the best systems, you've created an entire process that works like clockwork. Or does it?

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How to Keep Customers Happy with Better Delivery Management

We all know the formula: great customer experience = happy customers = repeat service + recommendations. However, what are the little things that help to please your customers?

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Online Delivery Tips for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas 2016

This time last year we reported on some of the trends and challenges for online retailers, in managing their deliveries over Black Friday, Cyber Monday and into the Christmas period.

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What is Electronic Proof of Delivery?

Electronic Proof of Delivery, or ePOD, is the digital capture of a signature or photograph which is usually time, date and location 'stamped' via a hand-held device. By capturing signatures and photographs, electronic Proof of Delivery helps to prove that an item was satisfactorily delivered to a customer - and record any failed deliveries.

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