The Stream Check Vehicle Management Module

Vehicle management allows you to:

  • Add new vehicles
  • Dispose of vehicles
  • Manage vehicle details
  • Manage defects
  • Manage bookings
  • View check history

The module features powerful search facilities, based on:

  • Vehicle details:
    • Registration
    • Make
    • Model
    • VIN
    • Vehicle type
    • Vehicle status
  • Defects
    • Defect status
    • Defect logged from/to dates
    • Defect severity
    • Estimated defect resolution from/to dates
  • Bookings
    • Booking description
    • Booking made by
    • Booking made on date
    • Booking date from/to
    • Due date from/to

In the vehicle details screen, you have the option to view a list of vehicles, a list of defects, or a list of bookings.

Select a vehicle to view the vehicle details popup, where you are able to view, edit, add or dispose of individual vehicles:

  • Registration
  • Name
  • Make
  • Model
  • Responsible person
  • Usual driver
  • VIN
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle category
  • Driver licence requirements
  • Gross vehicle weight
  • Payload capacity
  • Cube capacity
  • Pallet capacity
  • EV range
  • Speed variance (%)
  • Minimum check time
  • Single/dual/triple compartment
  • Acquisition date
  • Disposal Date
  • Disposal Mileage

Once a specific vehicle is selected in the vehicle details screen, you use specific sections of the screen for specific tasks:

  • Vehicle defects – manage, add or export defects
  • Vehicle bookings – manage or add vehicle bookings like MOT, services and inspections; view, manage and add bookings
  • Check history – View and export historical checks
  • Check details – View the details of each check

Stream Check’s vehicle management module works hand-in-hand with the driver management module.