Multi-Depot Logistics Planning

Multi-depot route planning is a feature of Stream Go.

It allows you to plan and manage routes for multiple depots, using Stream’s intelligent logistics planning and route optimisation functionality.

Multi-Depot Planning

Simplify the planning process with centralised route planning and scheduling.

You can view resources, drivers and vehicles for every depot.

Orders are automatically allocated to a depot based on postcode or region.

Goods can be trunked between depots if required.

Then optimised routes can be planned or autoplanned on a depot-by-depot basis.

You can then check the routes, and make adjustments as required.

Multi-depot planning allows you to make the best use of available resources, with visibility over the whole company.

Manage routes locally, centrally, regionally, or in any combination.

Manage multiple depots in Stream Go, including:

  • Orders
  • Trunking goods between depots
  • Deliveries and collections
  • Vehicles and drivers

Learn more about multi-depot routing features.


Multi-depot planning is part of Stream Go. Using Stream Go you also have access to logistics, vehicle and transport management features like:

  • Intelligent Logistics Planning & Route Optimisation

    Stream Go’s route optimisation features take locations, traffic, projected route times, vehicle capacities and driver availabilities into account to automatically plan the most efficient routes

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery & Collection

    Use the mobile driver app to capture proof of delivery details, including accurate date & time, GPS Location, photos, signatures and notes

  • Mobile Driver App

    Available on any Android or iOS smartphone, the Stream Go mobile driver app enables the capture of ePOD details, as well as tracking driver location, monitoring delivery status & communicating directly with drivers

    The Stream mobile driver App is also available on Zebra’s drop-proof, spill-proof ruggedised smartphones

  • Focused on Customer Service

    Reduce the risk of failed deliveries & collections by providing customers with estimated delivery and collection times, via:

    • Proactive Email & SMS Updates

      Communicate with customers throughout the order-to-delivery process, and keep on top of customer service issues with a range of automated notifications

    • Self-Service Customer Gateway

      Give your partners control & real-time information on their specific deliveries, vehicles & orders in the Stream Go customer gateway

  • Powerful Order Management & Search

    In Stream Go you can quickly search & find any order, using any combination of criteria

  • Electric Vehicle Route Optimisation

    For businesses using electric vehicles (or thinking of making the switch to a green fleet), Stream Go includes functionality for & optimising routes for electric vans, trucks & delivery vehicles as standard

  • Progress Monitor

    Get an at-a-glance overview of current runs, deliveries & collections with a wall-mounted progress monitor, so you can quickly and easily spot potential issues and take proactive steps to solve them before they escalate

  • Integrate with Stream Check

    Stream Go integrates seamlessly with Stream Check, so you can manage fleet maintenance & automatically remove off-the-road vehicles from planning, to prevent scheduling clashes

  • Back Office Integrations

    Smooth integrations with your existing back-office systems, including Brightpearl, Veeqo, Sage & Infor

  • Simple User Interface

    Stream’s simple user interface makes it nice to use and easy to learn, both for back office staff and for drivers