Introducing Advanced Load Planning

In the Advanced Planning module you can view:

  • Runs (the runs currently available to be planned, with a small map preview)
  • Drivers (which drivers are available to be assigned to the current run, according to their normal working days and licence category)
  • Vehicles (the vehicles available to be assigned to the current run, based on maintenance schedules, previously assigned runs, and capacity)
  • Unplanned orders (the orders not currently assigned to any run)
  • Map (with a pin representing each order)
  • Selected Run (in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you can view more information the run currently selected)

All components, including the map, are now in a single tab or window.

The advanced planning module uses a premium integration with Google Maps for mapping and geocoding, which:

  • Gives planners a more familiar and user-friendly experience
  • Has the most up-to-date and accurate location and traffic information
  • Offers street-view functionality, so you can inspect the exact delivery address and mitigate against access issues

The screen has a responsive design, so with will resize automatically on a mobile or tablet, or stretch across a dual-screen setup.

We recommend using the Chrome or Firefox browsers to access Advanced Load Planning, on single or dual HD 1920 x 1080 monitors.

In Advanced Load Planning, you can:

  • View live traffic via Google Maps
  • Get live updates while the run is active
  • See a list of runs with additional information
  • Search runs by:
    • Date
    • Driver
    • Order number
    • Run Type
    • Description
    • Vehicle
  • Hover over run thumbnails to preview maps
  • Click a run to view full maps and routes
  • Email all customers or individual customers

Timeline tracking is built into the advanced planning module.

When you access the planning module, only today’s runs are displayed by default. You can use the search function to find historical and future runs.

Live orders are shown for the date of the run in focus. By clicking the ‘show unplanned’ box, you can show or hide unplanned orders from view.

You can get additional order details in the tooltips for each order and address, both in the order list and on the map. When you click a pin in the map, address details opens up and address errors are highlighted in red. You can easily correct these errors thanks to the Google Maps integration, by typing a location, zooming and clicking on the map, and/or accessing the street view.

Easily search for orders to manage.

The map shows the run in focus, with unplanned orders. More than 26 orders can now be planned on a single run. To add or remover orders, you can just click the pin on the map – pins for ‘collection’ and pins for ‘delivery’ show up in different colours.

On the day of delivery, the map will show live traffic, and the driver route or trail for active runs. You can easily zoom into the map, and switch to street view for a more accurate picture.

You can also view vehicles and drivers in the Advanced Planning module:

  • A driver and a vehicle must be allocated to a run before it can be closed
  • Each driver and vehicle can only be allocated to one run at a time
  • If a driver is greyed out, they are unavailable – hover over the red flag to display more information about the unavailability
  • View vehicle capacities (and available capacities) based on vehicle type and orders already planned. Weights and cubes for a run come from the vehicle type.

Click the ‘optimise route’ button to automatically create the best routes.

Autoplan will create a set of optimised runs at the press of a button, with key elements including the maximum run duration and the vehicle type ( for capacity planning). Multiple routes are created, which can be adjusted or discarded as needed.

Status updates are shown visually as tick and cross symbols throughout the day as ePOD information is collected by the driver.