Manage your driver hours with reliable, regular and remote tachograph downloads

With Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, operators are able to access driver hours information by downloading digital tachograph data remotely.

Driver hours legislation compliance

Use tachograph data to simplify compliance with driver hours legislation, and safeguard your business. With the ability to access remote tachograph downloads, you are able to quickly and easily manage and monitor your driver’s working hours and the frequency of rest breaks to ensure the safety of drivers – and of your business.

  • Regular and reliable remote tachograph downloads
  • Rest break monitoring and driver alerting.

Driver hours management made simple

Record, monitor and manage driver hours data – and save administrative time by automating the whole process. Teletrac Navman enables you to remotely download data, and to automatically schedule reporting of driver hours data straight to your email inbox.

  • Driver ID information
  • Integrate your data from existing tachograph products
  • Automated and flexible reporting.

Better workforce utilisation

Receive accurate and real-time driver hours data (coupled with Stream’s powerful transport management software) to ensure that your workforce capacity is always maximised. Use data to understand exactly how many hours each of your drivers has left of their current shift, and quickly make a decision whether they can be allocated to extra work.

  • View driver available hours
  • Allocate jobs more effectively and get more done
  • Visibility of driver status changes in real-time
  • Reduce sub-contractor costs.

Move beyond just tachograph data

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR provides a complete, connected and integrated solution with Stream Go TMS system to help you manage operational requirements more efficiently and effectively and accelerate the growth of your business, including: