Stream Go & Stream Check Has Already Helped Businesses Be More Efficient In These Sectors



Logistics and transport management software for furniture retailers, distributors and wholesalers.

Whether you are selling indoor and outdoor furniture, kitchens or bathrooms online, physical store or both, retailers, wholesalers and distributors are under pressure to provide exceptional customer service, while at the same time deliver business efficiency and profitability.

Research has shown that consumers overwhelmingly want to have visibility of the expected delivery date and time, they want regular email and SMS text communication throughout the order to delivery process and the ability to track their deliveries easily online.

Benefit from Stream’s industry specific delivery and transport management features whether you are providing direct home deliveries, two-man white glove deliveries or business-to-business deliveries. Stream integrated with Brightpearl, Sage 200 or Veeqo works well in this sector.

Vehicle transport

Logistics and transport management software for car transportation.

Stream has been optimised to provide sector-leading functionality for vehicle collection and deliveries by manufacturers, fleet operators, retailers and carriers.

Not only does Stream provide map-based multi-drop route optimisation, we have adapted the software to minimise the mountains of paperwork associated with the delivery and collection of vehicles.

A specialist version of the mobile app for drivers enables efficient vehicle inspections with a complete audit trail encompassing electronic proof of delivery, photographic evidence of vehicle defects and digital documentation which is all available in real-time.

Retail, wholesale & distribution

Logistics and transport management software for retailers, distributors and wholesalers

Designed for retailers, distributors and wholesalers wanting to manage complex delivery or service requirements, including those who need to deliver products to customers; provide assembly and fitting; have longer lead times from order to delivery and need to notify customers of progress.

Stream integrated with Brightpearl, Sage 200 or Veeqo, multi and omnichannel retailers, distributors and wholesalers can manage the heart of their business by combining orders, inventory, customer data, delivery management, accounting and reporting into a single, reliable retail management system.

Stream can be integrated with other back office systems such as Infor and Sage 50 to help reduce admin time, minimise order errors, cut tracking enquiries and reduce customer issues.

Bulk Haulage

With the addition of bulk quantity adjustment functionality, Stream Go has been optimised for bulk haulage companies.

As well as Stream Go features such as intelligent route optimisation, email & SMS updates for customers and electronic proof of delivery, Stream Go is able to handle the requirements of businesses delivering goods in bulk, like fuel oil, bulk liquids, pellets, aggregates or logs.

These companies may not know the exact amount to be delivered upfront, so Stream Go enables drivers to adjust the amount directly in the mobile App, to exactly match the actual metered quantity dispensed or collected. The correct information can be logged as and when the delivery or collection is made, so everyone (drivers, operational staff and customers) has real-time visibility.


Logistics and transport management software for breweries.

Distribution and transport costs can often be the most expensive part of your brewery business. This becomes increasingly acute as your brewery grows and you supply more and more outlets, whether they be pubs, restaurants, supermarkets or specialist retailers.

Breweries are also under pressure to supply smaller, more frequent orders with less lead time and more shelf-life. Stream can help you to take control of your deliveries, collections, vehicles and orders regardless of the complexity.

Our powerful route optimisation algorithm will plan multi-drop deliveries and collections in seconds, but then enables your planner to use their experience and knowledge to amend and fine tune runs, to ensure that the most economical and efficient routes are planned.

Builders merchants

Logistics and transport management software for builders merchants.

Builder’s merchants and other distributive industries are faced with the challenge of ever tightening margins, increasingly complicated inventory, seasonal fluctuations and changing demands from building contractors and consumers.

When you need to plan multi-drop routes, maximise your fleet utilisation, deliver mileage savings or ultimately, reduce costs you need a delivery and transport management software application designed specifically for your industry.

Whether single depot or multi-depot, localised or central, delivery or collection, stream can help you to take control of your operations, vehicles and orders regardless of their complexity.

3PL providers

Logistics and transport management software for 3PL providers.

With ever increasing demand and complexity in 3PL and international logistics, companies need the right tools to remain competitive by reducing fuel costs, minimising mileage and increasing vehicle utilisation.

Stream provides the ideal first and last mile delivery and transport management solution that can integrate seamlessly with your existing warehouse management system, ecommerce websites and finance software.

Route optimisation via Google Maps means Stream can plan the most efficient routes virtually anywhere in the world.

Find out how easy it is to manage your deliveries, vehicles and orders with Stream.

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