Highlight related jobs

Collections and deliveries that are associated with one another can be more easily viewed on the map within the Advanced Planning module.

Related jobs are defined in Order Details and could include:

  • A delivery associated with a specific collection
  • Multi-leg deliveries associated with a collection

Planners can easily view the related stops or jobs in the Advanced Planning map view.

This makes it easy to see where a vehicle is expected to be visiting on any particular run.

Just hover over any ‘collection’ pin (orange by default) in the Advanced Planning map and a pink line will appear, linking to any related ‘delivery’ pins, and vice versa.

Hovering over any pin in the Advanced Planning map will open a simple tooltip box where you can view more details about that job.

Information about related jobs is also available in Order Details.


Map-based progress monitor

As well as the progress monitor, you can now view the vehicles currently out for delivery/collection runs in a map view.

See all vehicles in a single map screen, with colour-coded pins, so you can tell at-a-glance the status of all runs. Vehicle pins indicate:

  • Green: that particular run is on-time
  • Amber: the run is slightly behind schedule
  • Red: the run is significantly behind schedule.

Colour-coding makes it easy to spot potential issues, and contact the driver and/or customer to quickly resolve them, or to proactively communicate when a delivery is likely to be behind schedule.

Hover over the vehicle pins to get more information on the status of the run.


Additional signature capture in the ePOD

It’s now possible to capture additional signatures for specific item types during the proof of delivery/collection process.

In addition to a location and time-stamped signature confirming the goods were delivered okay, some goods may require additional sign off confirmations.