Pallet build and break is used to consolidate onto or off a single container which isn’t defined specifically on an order.

A container isn’t necessarily a pallet – it could include a box, a cage, a tote, or anything else which might contain a number of items/orders.

Scan multiple items onto a single pallet or container, and then scan just that pallet barcode to record actions for every item on the pallet.


A use-case for pallet build and break

When trunking goods from one depot to another, you can take a number of orders and build them onto a single pallet or container.

Just scan the label of the pallet or container, and scan the orders onto the pallet one by one, to associate the pallet barcode with all those items.

You can then move those orders through trunking with a single barcode scan.

Once the trunk is complete, just scan the pallet or container barcode to ‘break’ the pallet and scan each order off.