Make it easy to plan, manage & optimise fixed routes & milk runs with masters

There’s been a lot of excitement in the Stream team about the latest addition to our advanced route planning module.

Fixed routes.

Milk runs.

Whatever you choose to call them, Stream now makes it easy to plan, manage and optimise these routes by enabling the creation of ‘Master Runs’.

However, that’s not all.

We’ve added functionality that goes a lot further than milk runs, which the whole Stream subscriber community will find useful.

It’s Fixed Routes and Milk Runs PLUS, PLUS if you like.

To facilitate fixed routes and milk runs, you’ll need to firstly create your masters, which gives you the route / stops you should be following, i.e.:

  • Start and end points
  • Two or three key stops
  • Regular and or pre-arranged stops.

Secondly, you’ll need to copy these masters and or existing runs. Read more about copying runs here.

Finally, you’ll use Autofill, which takes the orders you need to deliver and matches those against the locations on the master run and or near by the route. Read more about Autofill here.

Why might I use ‘Master Runs’?

There are a number of ways that you can use master runs in your particular business including:

  • Creating milk runs with fixed stops to regular customers
  • Creating runs with the same start and end points using the same driver / vehicle
  • Managing runs with overnight stops
  • Pre-allocating drivers and vehicles to runs in preparation for using Autofill or manual run management.

Master runs how to guide

There are a number of ways you can use to build and create your master runs (including drivers, start times, end times, vehicles, etc.):

  • Using the auto planning functionality to build them dynamically
  • Use your own criteria to build manually
  • Simply add planned stops to the locations you need to deliver / collect from.

To learn more about master routes in your logistics operation, please contact Stream Support on