For businesses delivering multiple orders to the same location, capturing proof of delivery has been a repetitive and slightly frustrating process – for driver and customer alike.

With the latest release to the driver’s mobile app, we’ve addressed by making it quicker and easier for both parties.

Stream can now group deliveries and collections at the same location and enable the capture of statuses and a single signature for that group of orders.

On the ‘Stops’ screen in the mobile app, you’ll notice new icons which show you how many orders have been combined into a single stop.



Note: by default, consolidated orders will be available in your Stream account. If you’d prefer not to use the new feature, please contact Stream Support and they’ll be able to disable it.

Changes to the ‘Stop’ screen

You’ll also notice that we’ve updated the stop screen in the mobile app.

At the top , we’ve added a stop number and, in brackets, the number of orders which have been grouped together in that order.

A summary list of the orders can be found in the bottom of the screen. Any notes on any of those orders will also be visible.

When you select an action such as ‘Arrived’ that action will apply to ALL the orders for that particular stop. Similarly when you capture the signature on a consolidated stop it will be applied to ALL the orders for the stop.

Changes to the ‘Items’ screen

Here, the app shows all the items associated with the order for that particular stop and you’ll notice a new tick box at the top of the list, which enables you to quickly select ALL the items in the list (highlighted in image below) and action them.

As all items for the group are shown in the single Items list, you can quickly and easily process them together and apply the appropriate status(es) such as ‘Delivered OK’.

Changes to the ‘Stop Complete’ screen

An overview of statuses recorded against all the orders at that stop is added to the top of the screen.

Any notes, signatures or photos recorded will be applied to ALL of the orders at this particular stop.