View vehicle bookings in a calendar

In the vehicle and asset management module, you can easily view inspections, MOTs, services, maintenance schedules and other bookings for your entire fleet in a calendar view.

Viewing bookings in a calendar gives you an overview of the status of every booking at-a-glance.

At-a-glance prioritisation

This overview makes it easy to manage and prioritise the tasks associated with vehicle maintenance, thanks to a colour-coding system:

  • Bookings shown in red are overdue, so an action is urgently required
  • Expected upcoming bookings are shown in orange – these may require action
  • For bookings with no action required:
    • Scheduled bookings are shown in light green
    • Complete bookings are shown in dark green


Customise views to suit your workflow

As standard, the bookings calendar view displays by calendar month, but you can also display a weekly calendar.

And if you’d prefer, a task list per day, per week and per month can also be displayed.

You can further refine the view by creating a search and click into a specific day or a specific booking to view all details.Vehicle-Bookings-Schedule

Proactive booking reminders

Even with a visual calendar and simple prioritisation, sometimes things could slip through the net.

That’s why Stream can also be configured to send out automatic notifications when action is required against a booking, for example for vehicle bookings that need to be scheduled, and for booking dates that have passed without the booking being marked as complete.

By combining a colour-coded calendar view with proactive reminders, you can vastly reduce the risk of your vehicles missing scheduled bookings and becoming non-compliant, or even unsafe.