Creating, Importing & Uploading Orders

How to upload multiple line items on a single order using the CSV upload

On the CSV Upload method for getting orders into Stream, it is possible to add multiple line items under one order (IE a single order containing multiple items). Where an order has...

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How can I add specific location instructions for drivers to a location/delivery address?

In Stream, we have fields for both Driver Notes and Location Instructions. Driver Notes are added to a specific order and once that order has been delivered/collected, the driver w...

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How can I upload orders into Stream?

It’s very simple to upload orders into Stream and this can be done using an CSV, XML or XLSX file format. Step 1: Open the Stream Order Upload spreadsheet During your Stream...

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What format should the columns be in when uploading orders?

It’s important to understand that when uploading orders into Stream, the data needs to be entered in the correct format to ensure your orders are imported correctly. Required...

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How do I manually create new orders?

If you want to manually create new orders in Stream, rather than have them pushed into Stream from a third party application via our API, then there are a couple of ways you can do...

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Customer location is invalid (not found)

If you’ve added your orders to Stream via the Order Upload or API, and an address has been entered incorrectly, Stream will highlight it on the Advanced Planning Screen as ha...

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