First & Last Mile Logistics for National & International Freight Forwarders

Every year the demand and complexity of global trade increases. But, as the pace of global logistics continues to accelerate, you need the right solutions to keep up.

Regardless of whether your supply chain involves sea, rail, road or air freight, Stream provides the ideal first and last mile delivery and transport solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing national and international freight forwarding software.

While your existing software application is managing freight forwarding and customs brokering operations effectively, you might be experiencing problems in getting your consignments from their point of origin to their final destination.

Many organisations are managing their door-to-port or port-to-door transport operations using multiple and fractured sources. You don’t have full control of those operations, let alone full visibility for you and your customers. That’s where Stream comes in. Stream enhances your capabilities to drive international supply chain efficiency, productivity and profitability, as well as improving communications with suppliers, customers, partners and agents. With Stream you can take control of your entire supply chain, including those elements that typically fall outside the capabilities of your existing freight forwarding software. Stream gives you the ability to efficiently plan each vehicle load. You will be able to optimise pickup and delivery routes and schedule the right vehicle at the right time for each customer, which results in a more reliable service.

Plus, with Google Maps at the heart of Stream’s delivery and transport management functionality, we literally have the world mapped for your international supply chain operations.

Stream enables you to keep control of your business, while giving customer’s confidence that their consignments are in safe hands. The online self-service customer portal delivers real-time, proactive monitoring and automated email notifications when a pickup or delivery is predicted, imminent or running late. Functionality is optimised for mobile, tablet or PC use to deliver intuitive order, delivery and transport management.

Our driver app works on every day mobile devices to deliver cost-effective, real-time consignment tracking and proof of delivery (pod) for you and your customers. Modular design, Stream is highly configurable so that it can meet the exact requirements of your business. Fast and affordable to implement, stream gives you control, visibility and real-time intelligence on your orders and logistics.

Web-based first & last mile delivery management for your national & international logistics

Maximise your existing investment

Stream integrates seamlessly with your national and international freight forwarding software application and extends it to deliver modern and intuitive web-based order, delivery and transport management.

Configurable for your supply chain

No matter how complex your national and international logistics business, Stream’s first and last mile integration means you can take control and manage your operations effectively and efficiently. What’s more, you won’t have to purchase any additional computer hardware to keep up with these competitive times as it’s all in the cloud.

Proactively manage deliveries

Plan your loads; map and schedule the most efficient delivery routes and then monitor and manage progress through stream with the smartphone app for drivers.

Empower customers and partners

Deliver end-to-end visibility for your customers through a web-based self-service portal, delivering accurate and up-to-date information on their consignments.

Improve customer satisfaction and interaction

Everyone in the international supply chain can access real time information on each consignment. Proactive email notifications, excellent customer communications and easy access to information mean fewer enquiries to customer services and happier customers.

Available wherever you are

As Stream has been optimised for mobile or tablet use, its functionality can be accessed wherever needed: on the road, at customer premises, in the warehouse or in the showroom.

Find out how easy it is to manage your deliveries, vehicles and orders with Stream.

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