Zebra ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

Print barcode labels in the toughest conditions with a rugged, wearable printer

Built to last, the ZQ510 and ZQ520 printers are Zebra’s most rugged.

The devices can withstand drops to concrete from 6.6 ft, perform in extreme high or low temperatures, and withstand water spray and dust.

Featuring large buttons, a simple interface and easy integratins, Zebra’s ZQ500 series mobile printers are user freindly and easy to operate.

Benefits of using ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

  • Rugged Yet Lightweight: Weighing in at under 1.5lb, these devices are small but mighty: able to withstand the drops, bumps and tumbles of the logistics and delivery environment.
  • Fit For Any Environment: ZQ500 printers promote operational uptime, with IP54-rated resistance to dust and liquid, as well as temperature compensation, to balances speed and quality to optimise printing in cold temperatures.
  • Powerful Connectivity: With support for two bluetooth communication channels simultaneously, downtime is reduce, as one channel can be used to send jobs to the printer, whilst the other channel performs device managemeent.
  • Variety of Print Widths: The ZQ510 prints at 2.83″ wide, whilst the ZQ520 prints at 4.1″ wide. Both devices are able to print labels for medium-duty cycle applications.
  • Optimised for speed: Improve the speed of your operations by quickly printing the labels you need, wherever and whevever you need them. Both devices can print at up to 5″/second.

Optimised for tough environment, the durability and ruggediation features of ZQ500 mobile printers maximise uptime and improve productivity.

Quickly and accurately print barcoded labels, even in the toughest environments, in the warehouse or out on the road.

Print labels on the road via a bluetooth connection from any device.