Zebra ZQ600 Series Mobile Printer

Increase operational efficiency with better performance, connectivity and device manageability, by using a premium mobile printer for labels and receipts

The Zebra ZQ600 is designed to help businesses improve their productivity in store, as well as in shop back rooms and warehouses.

The offer ease-of-use features, like colour display screens and customisable menus, as well as performance-enhancing features, like extended battery life and advanced wireless capabilities.

Together, these features lead to improved productivity for bricks-and-mortar stores, in areas like pricing management and checkout speed.

The printers are available in two versions: the ZQ610 provides a 2″ label and receipt print, while the ZQ620 delivers a 3″ print.

Features of the ZQ600 Mobile Printers

  • High-volume label and receipt printing: Quickly and dynamically print accurate receipts and labels
  • Easy-to-read colour display: A user-friendly interface and full-colour display reduce the need for specialist training, and make issues easy to resolve
  • High capacity battery: Advanced battery technology (Zebra’s patented Power Smart Print technology) can save up to 30% of battery power – making sure printers can easily work throughout the length of any shift
  • Wi-Fi capabilities: Secure and stable connections keep workers connected on the move, so they can print labels and receipts wherever they need them
  • Superior printing experience: Thanks to Zebra’s Print DNA (a suite of applications, utilities and developer tools), the ZQ600 is equipped with high security, great performance, simple remote manageability and easy integrations

Benefits of using the ZQ600 Mobile Printer for Omnichannel Retailers

The ZQ600 can be used to enhance logistics & delivery operations, with accurate and high-volume printing capabilities that make it useful for:

  • Picking, packing and shipping
  • Direct store delivery (DSD)
  • Reverse logistics applications

The printers are also useful for retail applications, like:

  • Click and collect
  • POS
  • Queue busting
  • Inventory/price display compliance and management

Zebra ZQ600 Mobile Printers also allow you to improve the productivity of your bricks-and-mortar stores, as well as maximising the efficiency of your delivery and logistics operation with Stream Go delivery software.

Even if more sales are ultimately made online and most purchases still rely on home delivery, stores may be an essential part of the process. Shoppers often want an in-store experience – particularly for larger purchases like furniture, appliances or kitchen and bathroom fittings.

By improving productivity and saving resources, you’re keeping costs down in your bricks and mortar stores and allowing you to operate them as part of a holistic, connected and truly omnichannel customer experience.

Zebra ZQ600 Mobile Printers are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.