Zebra L10 Rugged Tablet Platform

Zebra Technologies now manufacture the L10 rugged platform, formerly manufactured by Xplore Technologies.

The platform includes a range of 3 tablet devices, the XSLATE L10, the XPAD L10 and the XBOOK L10.

The devices offer a whole host of tablet configurations, which a shared accessory ecosystem. That means that you can choose the rugged tablet that suits each part of your operations – whether that’s in the back office, the warehouse or out on the road. The shared accessory ecosystem though means that each device in the L10 range uses the same attachments & add-ons, making it easy for accessories to be shared through the business, and simple for workers to switch between devices and work zones if needed.

With so many options for performance, security, connectivity and accessories in a single rugged mobile computing platform, the Zebra L10 range sets a new standard for logistics devices.

Zebra XSLATE L10

The Zebra XSLATE L10 looks like a traditional slate tablet – but it’s so much more than that.

Whether you plan to use the XSLATE L10 for drivers and field service operatives out on the road or to staff in the warehouse or in bricks-and-mortar retail locations, it can deliver more than enough computing power in a lightweight, easily-transported frame.

The XSLATE L10 is equipped with Android and the Qualcomm processor, as well as a 4G LTE card, for superfast download & upload speeds, and an even greater boost.

This tablet will stay powered for 24 hours+ with the extended-life accessory battery, and they also have hot-swappable batteries as standard, so there’s no chance of lost business due to battery power issues.

Zebra XPAD L10

The perfect solution for in the warehouse, the Zebra XPAD L10 has the size and functionality of a slate tablet, with the addition of a rigid carry handle and a built-in barcode scanner.

With all the features and functionality of the XSLATE, the XPAD also comes with an ergonomic rigid handle and built-in barcode scanner.

The Zebra XPAD L10 is known for its proven, industrial-grade durability. Ruggedisation is built into the core of the L10 series, making it the go-to option for industrial environments, like warehouses and depots.

The standout feature of the XPAD though is the barcode scanner. Built into the handle, the scanner makes it easy to scan goods in and out of the warehouse and on or off vehicles. By equipping workers with a tablet that has a barcode scanner built-in they can quickly scan goods as well as accessing a larger screen to complete their other tasks.

Zebra XBOOK L10

The Zebra XBOOK L10 takes you from the office to the field, with a 2-in-1 laptop & tablet design that includes a full-featured keyboard.

With a versatile 2-in-1 laptop & tablet design, the Zebra XBOOK L10 can replace laptops for your team.

The XBOOK L10 features a fully-functional removable keyboard for long-form data entry and other type-heavy tasks which would normally have to be completed as a desk.

The XBOOK’s attached KickStrap has an integrated Kickstand, which users can close when they’re on the move, enabling access to the Rotating Hand Strap. The strap can be adjusted for hand size and for rotation angle, making it endlessly customisable for each user’s unique needs.