Drop-proof, Spill-proof & Reliable: the Perfect Choice for Delivery Drivers

This device is no longer produced, we can recommend the TC25 or TC56 as modern alternatives.

Using Stream on the Zebra Technologies TC55 Touch Mobile Computer reduces the risk of downtime due to hardware failure. The ruggedised nature of the device means that it can withstand more than most, and come out still fully functional and professional looking.

Pairing TC55 devices with Stream provides you with a complete delivery, transport and logistics management system with rugged proof of delivery and collection capability that works for your business, your customers, and your drivers.

Time and resources saved with Stream’s optimised delivery routes and real-time delivery tracking could be completely negated if a driver drops a smartphone and has to wait for a repair or replacement. That is where the TC55 comes in, comparable in functionality to any smartphone on the market, the device is rugged, reliable and durable.

Benefits of the Zebra TC55 device for Proof of Delivery

  • In-built scanner: fast, high-quality scanner built into the Zebra TC55.
  • Rugged: with the protective boot, the TC55 can withstand 1,000+ 1.5-foot tumbles and a five-foot drop onto concrete. What’s more, the TC55 can survive up to 30 minutes submersion in water
  • No quibble replacement: optional three-year, no quibble replacement warranty.
  • Improved security: lockdown facility allowing calls, texts and app usage to be restricted, while managed upgrades and app restrictions improve device stability.
  • Extended battery life: ensure your device lasts an entire shift. Consumer smartphones often do not have enough power to last a full shift, resulting in device downtime for charging.
  • Business-ready: operating on Android means that the device has all the functionality of a regular smartphone, on top of the specific software and applications that your business needs.
  • Accessories: from belt holders, durable cords, and dashboard mounts; to add-on payment devices, barcode scanners and stylus, TC55 can be customised to suit the needs of your drivers.
  • Pocket-sized: the TC55 is a comparable size to other smartphones on the market, making it convenient to use and transport, and every bit as professional looking as its counterparts.

The TC55 is a powerful handheld personal computer, suited to delivery drivers and warehouse staff, thanks to its tumble-proof, drop-proof, spill-proof exterior. It meets and exceeds the IEC tumble specification and, with its protective boot, can survive a five-foot drop onto concrete. The TC55 is durable, rugged and built to last, boasting IP67 sealing and a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 display, which results in an average lifespan of three years – even with the roughest handling – saving you the cost of repairs or replacement and the hassle of failure-induced downtime.

At just short of 16mm thick and weighing 220g, the TC55 is light, sleek and compact enough to be comparable to any modern smartphone, making your delivery drivers look more professional in the eyes of consumers. Not only does it look like a regular smartphone, but the device also has all the business functionality of a regular smartphone. Operating on Android means that business applications, like Stream’s mobile app for driver’s with electronic proof of delivery, can be directly integrated, alongside all the functionality of a regular smartphone to make calls, send and receive SMS, browse the internet and download other apps from the Play Store.

This device is no longer produced, we can recommend the TC25 or TC56 as modern alternatives.