Zebra QLn Series Mobile Printers

Rapidly Print and Reprint Multiple Barcode Labels

QLn Series printers, from Zebra, allow your team to print barcoded labels exactly when and where they need them, resulting in faster printing and a more efficient process.

The devices are optimised for high-duty cycle printing – they’re designed to quickly and accurately print multiple labels.

With fast processing and large memory capacity, alongside Zebra’s integrations and a range of accessories, QLn printers help increase efficiencies in your end-to-end-delivery process.

Benefits of using QLn Series Mobile Printers

  • Easy Integrations: IT Staff and management are able to easily any control and update multiple printers remotely, saving time and resources, and ensuring that updates and integrations are applied to all printers at the same time.
  • Advanced Connectivity: All devices in the series are optimised for connectivity, with fast data transfer and a long range. The devices support connection via WLAN, Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC, to pair easily with devices and print replacement labels quickly on the road
  • Range of Print Widths: From the QLn220 printing at 1.9″ to the QLn420 printing at 4.1″, the QLn series is available in 3 different printing width options.
  • Ruggedised: QLn series printers have IP43 dust- and water- risistance and can tolerate multiple drops from 6′ to concrete, making them durable enough to last in a busy delivery and logistics environment
  • Wearable: Weighing just 2.45lb, the devices can be made wearable in over-shoulder or belt-loop accessories.

Improve the operational productivity of your order-to-delivery management cycle, with rugged barcode label printers that are built to last.

The QLn series devices are built with ease-of-use in mind, reducing the time and resources needed for training. An excellent battery life improves uptime too.

Quickly, easily and accurately print barcoded labels for shipping and logistics with Zebra’s QLN Series mobile printers.