Zebra P4T Mobile Printer

The only mobile printer capable of thermal transfer printing

The P4T is the only mobile printer in the industry capable of thermal transfer printing. Thermal transfer printing results in barcode labels and documents with an extended life, printed where and when you need them

Using long-life barcode labes means that your drivers and other people involved in the logistics delivery process are able to more easily scan barcodes, resulting in enhanced data capture and more accurate tracking capabilities

Thermal transfer images lead to more durable barcodes (and text or graphics) on delivery labels, for enhanced efficiency in the logistics and delivery management process.

Benefits of using the P4T Mobile Printer

  • Thermal Transfer Printing: Instead of direct thermal printing (whereby a heat-triggered chemical reaction produces the information printed on the paper), the P4T mobile printer uses thermal transfer printing, which actually transfers the image from the ribbon onto the label, resulting in a longer lasting label, ideal for long-term application (for example, where a delivery will take a long time, and may include the addition of multiple bespoke components).
  • Proven Longevity: In tests, the P4T produced labels that can last for upto 10 years, even in harsh, outdoor environments.
  • Superior Connectivity: Devices have advanced wireless connectivity options, including Bluetooth 2.0, secure 802.11b/g and serial/USB, for more efficient printing operations on the go.
  • Ruggedisation: The P4T is designed for use outdoors, with IP14 water-resistance (that can be increased to IP54 dust- and water- resistance using a case), and a drop spec of 5′ onto concrete, making it perfectly suited to life on the road.
  • Portability: P4T printers are comfortable to wear and hold, whether they’re being used in the warehouse or as an in-cab printer.

Print labels on the spot and on demand, to further increase the longevity of thermal transfer printed labels, and improving productivity and effiiency of staff.

Accuracy is improved, byt ensuring that the right lebel is always affixed to the right item, as your team can print and attach labels as and when they need them.

P4T mobile printers improve the accuracy and efficiency of your logistics operations.