Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam Update | 31 July 2020 | Stream and Mintsoft integration

Integrating Stream with Mintsoft gives users a 100% cloud-based platform for delivery management and warehouse management, improving information flow and overall efficiency.


Hi! I’m Dave Pickburn.

Part of our product plan for Stream is to build more integrations with other systems. We see this as being an active part of the cloud software community. We also see it as making it easier for our customers to select and to use the right combination of products to meet their needs.

Our latest integration is with Mintsoft a cloud-based warehouse management system (or WMS). We came across this recently and its a really good fit with Stream. It’s a natural fit: the combination of Stream and Mintsoft, delivery management and warehouse management. It’s generating interest from all sides. We already have customers live with Stream and Mintsoft and it’s quick to get the integration up and running.

Mintsoft allows you to optimise your warehouse operations. Its a powerful, scalable solution for single-site or multi-site operations. It manages inventory, inbound, outbound and warehouse activities. And, the orders and information flow easily between the two systems. This allows businesses to operate efficiently on a 100% cloud-based platform for WMS and for delivery management.

Thanks for watching! Get in touch if you want more information. More information about the Stream and Mintsoft integration, and thanks again!


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Mintsoft provides order, warehouse and shipping management systems to the wholesale retail and online distribution markets. It is part of the Access Group’s portfolio of warehousing and online fulfilment software solutions. Mintsoft’s suite of integrations includes e-commerce platforms, couriers, marketplaces (such as Amazon and eBay), and accounting systems. As standard, Mintsoft integrates with 50+ e-commerce platforms, and 50+ UK and worldwide couriers, making it easy to manage inventory data across sales channels, and then to quickly fulfil orders via the most efficient and cost-effective option.