10 Reasons why Android on Zebra is great for Commercial Drivers

Android is the operating system designed and maintained by Google and used primarily on a range of touchscreen devices. In May 2017, Google announced that they had reached 2 billion monthly active users on Android worldwide. In fact, as of the start of 2017, 81.7% of the 432 million smartphones sold in the last quarter ran on Android.

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10 Important Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your Driver's Phones

Upgrading your team's mobile devices can feel like a chore.

What kind of phone is best for delivery drivers?

Not all team members need a ruggedised device. For some, a regular commercial smartphone is perfect for the job.

But other members of your team, like your drivers, will likely need something more robust and more specialised.

Nowadays there are so many options too - different models, configurations, suppliers and operating systems can all lead to different outcomes for your team's efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, and ultimately your bottom line.

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Do you have the right mobile device strategy in place?

STREAM has been partnered with Zebra to resell enterprise-level ruggedised touch mobile computer devices since September last year.

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Zebra Devices for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

We supply rugged devices from Zebra Technologies to STREAM users (or even logistics companies currently without STREAM), who need a durable solution for their drivers.

For companies using either the STREAM Mobile Driver App or the Driver Daily Walkaround Checks App as part of their transport and logistics management system, we always recommend either the TC56 or the TC55 for operatives on the road.

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Proximity becomes Zebra Technologies Partner

Proximity, a leading provider of software solutions, development, support and maintenance has become a Zebra Technologies independent software vendor (ISV) and reseller partner.

Based in Leeds and Nottingham, Proximity partners with some of the world’s foremost software companies, Proximity develop, deliver, maintain and support high-performance solutions and applications for leading global companies in the logistics, manufacturing, retail and finance sectors.

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