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Consumer Tracking Screen Update Means Better Customer Experience

STREAM's consumer tracking has had an update. The consumer tracking screen is the area in STREAM that allows end customers and businesses to view key information about the status of their delivery or collection.

STREAM's developers have been hard at work, improving the consumer tracking screen, to offer those end customers a better user experience.

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The 5 Things You Need To Know About a Delivery (Before You Schedule It)

This post will tell you the 5 (yes, five) essential things that route planners should know about every delivery, before they begin scheduling.

Delivery and logistics planning can be a stressful task.

Trying to keep tabs on all the information required to plan routes - and gathering that information from multiple sources, like spreadsheets, customer order software and the knowledge held in your head - is hard enough in itself.

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It is Now Quick and Easy to Reverse Routes in STREAM

It is now quick and easy to reverse routes in STREAM. You can reverse an entire route, directly in the planning screen, in just one click.

After you have planned a route, and optimised it to ensure the driver makes the most efficient trip possible, it is really frustrating to have to manually reverse the direction of the route.

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