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STREAM is constantly evolving, adding functionality and forging new partnerships to ensure that our delivery, logistics and transport management software is as relevant and beneficial to your business as possible.

Logistics management software newsletter May 2017

Driver Daily Walkaround & Vehicle Management | May 2017

We've launched a number of exciting new features in STREAM in the past few months, including a back office vehicle management system to the Driver Daily Walkaround App, which helps fleet and transport managers to quickly and easily manage vehicle information, each vehicle check and any remedial work carried out. For businesses wanting to choose between a consumer-grade smartphone and a ruggedised version, we've also created a comparison guide for the Zebra TC55 and Zebra TC56 Android devices. We've also included a quote from Vanpimps, a specialist supplier of van styling and accessories about STREAM. Dillon Boivin, Director at Vanpimps commented that STREAM has 'revolutionised the way we manage our delivery service and taken our logistics to a whole new level'.


Stream Delivery Management Software February 2017 Newsletter

Improving Operational Efficiency | February 2017

It is now easy to see orders not yet ready for delivery, and to make adjustments to production schedules, allocations and runs, in order to keep up the efficiency of your operations. In this newsletter, we've also announced that we're attending the Commercial Vehicle Show in April, so come and have a chat with us on stand 3A54. In the meantime, you can also read in the newsletter what DCC Logistics, a car transport provider based in South Yorkshire, have to say about the operational benefits they've enjoyed since implementing STREAM in their business. Finally, join Dave Pickburn on his next live demo on 31st March, to learn about how STREAM can help businesses making deliveries with their own vehicles.


Stream Delivery Management Software December Newsletter

Delivery ETAs Update in Real-Time | December 2016

The latest updates from STREAM, including delivery estimates now in real-time, and our integration with Veeqo's inventory management and multi-channel retail platform, as well as the latest release, which allows you to view your entire fleet on the map. If you're not sure what ePOD is, or why it is an essential pert of delivery management, you can read more about that in the newsletter too. We've also announced that we're attending the January Furniture Show this year. Come and find us on stand A15 in Hall 5 (right next to Scandinavian House) for a coffee and a chat.


Stream Delivery Management Software September Newsletter

STREAM for Vehicle Logistics Companies | September 2016

Bringing you information about STREAM for car transport, or vehicle logistics, companies: with an updated driver app and the ability to plan and optimise routes for multiple deliveries and collections, over multiple days, STREAM is now tailored specifically for the challenges of the car transport industry. We've teamed up with Zebra too, to give you access to the TC55, a ruggedised device which is perfect for delivery drivers. You can also see how the latest furniture retailers to use STREAM, Dako, feel about our transport management and delivery software.


Stream Delivery Management Software August Newsletter

Improved Order Summary Reporting | August 2016

How do you currently plan your delivery routes? We've had customers who have used spreadsheets; pen and paper; post-it notes; or in their head. In this edition of the newsletter, we take a closer look at map-based route optimisation and what it can deliver for your business. We also take a look at the improved order summary PDF, plus our regular look at what has grabbed our attention in the world of retail. You can also download a copy of Brightpearl's best practice guide 'Making inventory management software work for you'.


Stream Delivery Management Software June Newsletter

Monthly Direct Debits and No Annual Fee | June 2016

One of the most frustrating (and often complained about) customer experiences is having to wait in for a delivery and only being given a morning or afternoon delivery slot. We take a closer look at the introduction of real-time delivery and driver tracking which has proved to be a very popular feature amongst STREAM users delivering much-improved customer satisfaction and customer service. We've also introduced monthly direct debits for subscribers and removed our annual fee. Brightpearl's research on how independent retailers have accelerated growth through multi-channel selling and automation is certainly interesting reading.


Stream Delivery Management Software May Newsletter

Schedule Adjustments via the Driver App | May 2016

Load and trips management for multiple collections and drop-offs were amongst the new features announced in the May newsletter. Schedule adjustments via the driver app were also explained. Brightpearl's latest whitepaper provides advice for anticipating future demand and optimising inventory. We were also delighted to announce another award for STREAM's implementation at Scandinavian House: a James and James Awards which recognise innovation and excellence in ecommerce.


Stream Delivery Management Software April Newsletter

Improved order tracking information | April 2016

In April we announced a number of new features that benefit customer services, consumers and transport planners including improvements to order tracking and the introduction of multi-vehicle types. There's also a whitepaper from Brightpearl entitled 10 Reasons Accurate Inventory Tracking Matters.


Stream Delivery Management Software March 2016 Newsletter

SMS Text Notifications and Customer Messaging | March 2016

In this newsletter we shared the news that STREAM now offers more ways to communicate with customers. We’ve included some resources that we’ve recently found useful, including Brightpearl’s whitepaper on inventory control, and research on the future of online delivery and customer expectations.


Stream Delivery Management Software February 2016 Newsletter

Real-Time In-Flight Driver Tracking | February 2016

In February we looked at some of STREAM’s new features, including real-time driver tracking for customers, and improved options for capacity/load planning, as well as the benefits of the driver daily walk-around checklist. Our Partner, Brightpearl, listed STREAM as a ‘Power App’ for retailers, and we’ve shared their useful guide to mastering multichannel retail.


Stream Delivery Management Software January 2016 Newsletter

Full Integration with Brightpearl | January 2016

The first newsletter of the year featured some of the STREAM resources available on demand, including video tutorials and a customer service training webinar by Shahid Latif. We announced our full integration with the Brightpearl ERP, as well as a host of new features offered as part of STREAM.


Stream Delivery Management Software June 2015 Newsletter

How To Use STREAM In Your Business | June 2015

This newsletter shared the exciting news that STREAM’s implementation with Scandinavian House won the Innovation Technology Award 2015 from SHD Logistics. We announced new features available in STREAM, and information about Brightpearl integration, as well as pointing you towards our video resources for STREAM.


Stream Delivery Management Software March 2015 Newsletter

Updated Login and Tracking Screens | March 2015

In STREAM’s first newsletter we announced the new design for login and order tracking screens. We gave you some tips for using STREAM, including sharing some useful video tutorials.


Updates are announced in the STREAM newsletter, alongside details of webinars and training videos. We also frequently share interesting research, whitepapers and articles that are essential reading for anyone involved in multi-channel ecommerce retailing, logistics and home deliveries.

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